About Wisdom...

"That wrong way of seeing is actually very difficult to clear because the distortion is very strongly and deeply imbedded in us. We are very strongly conditioned and wrapped in layer after layer of all kinds of different assumptions. These assumptions build one upon another. Whatever way we think, it passes through one or another of them. It forms a whole net with many, many layers of misunderstandings. Therefore it is very, very difficult for us to understand and experience how things really are, but if we can, it is then very easy to transform, because it’s actually just a shift in our way of seeing. It’s just a little shift in our way of seeing. Nothing else needs to be changed.

That’s why wisdom is very important. As I already said, this wisdom is not an intellectual thing. It’s not just information. It’s not even a philosophy. This is very important to understand."

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in "Wisdom", Edinburgh, 2001, transcribed by Gunnar Polte, edited by Corinne Segers