Article - Recent visit of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche to Brussels

Recent visit of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche to Brussels was a mixture of inspiration, transmission, and further confusion for me.
Rinpoche was radiant and transparent as always. His wisdom shone as compassion towards all of us without any discrimination whatsoever.
Patiently repeating the same words regardless of topic or the center where he was giving teachings, he kept everything as simple and humorous as possible.
Rinpoche makes Dharma accessible to every level of understanding and that, I think, is a quality of real master. Of course, there is also that warmth around him, and when he takes your hand there is a gap. At least, that is my experience.
Attending to some of his needs, such as food or transport is also a teaching in itself. He lets you feel comfortable, but there is precision to that comfort. You better be ready on time with everything. Also, it is good not to guess, but also not to ask to much. What shall we do then, one may wonder. Do the right thing, in the right time, and in the good way. And, keep it simple.
As for the confusion part, may it arise as wisdom, as soon as possible :).

Tanja Popovic-Thuret